Bionic Unicorn, the Steampunk jewelry line by Kristin Berwald, features romantic sci-fi elements geared to spark your imagination. With eco-friendly and upcycled components, Kristin creates whimsical one of a kind pieces of wearable art. The name Dreampunk, an offshoot style of Steampunk created by Kristin in 2008, is the perfect way to describe this line's fairytale look. Dreampunk focuses on a harmony between technology and nature, emphasizing the Utopian aspect of a Steampunk world.

Kristin's jewelry has been highlighted in the following publications:

  • Minnesota Bride
  • Gothic Beauty
  • Twin Cities Metro Magazine
  • Mpls/St. Paul Magazine
  • City Pages
  • L'etoile

Kristin was voted one of the Top 100 creatives by City Pages in 2010. Her jewelry has appeared in fashion shows at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Voltage: Fashion Amplified, Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits, SCENEaSOTA, and Dances of Vice.

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